Web journey to wealth

Tyler Cruz is second so called dot.com mogul or web entrepreneur, that is worth a web review from me.

And not only worth, Tyler deserve such a review, because his blog is full of great tips about money making on the internet. Tyler is is conscious about his previous fault so if you read about them, you should avoid such a faults in your journey to wealth.

Tyler is specialized (or it seems to be) in various kinds of forums to monetize those communities. Although communities are not the best way how to monetize web site, it seems that Tylers’s average daily income of about $256 prove that they’re not so worthless.

Same as with JohnChow’s site, at TylerCruz, there are plenty of useful articles and tips about monetizing sites, he has a great sense for writing such a catchy texts.

Some of his post are very long, he shoud consider merge them to series of post, as fellow John do. This way, he should attrack more, returning visitors.

Tyler seems to be something between John Chow and Shoemoney, although his payment check is for less than famous august payment from Adsense.

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