John Chow dot com

How do you feel when you are dot com mogul? This question is ready to answer John Chow on his blog.

John is one of the most enthusiasts persons and his blog John Chow dot Com provide quality and both quantity of great tips for publishing on the internet.

Think about it, by providing useful content he earns (he graciously donate money to some charities and churches) thousand dollars and his articles shows at Digg homepage, which is proof of quality.
He also owns The Tech Zone, full of helpful reviews of tech stuff.

There are hundred of webmasters who earns such a money on the internet, but only few are so nice to share some tipes with community. And that’s pure sign of Dot Com Mogul


John Review

In a ever changing world like the Internet it is very rare that you find someone to go out of their way to help you out. I remember a few months back I had just started this Blog and had a lot of newbie questions and just needed some one on one help. …

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